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Th ollowing advs actions hav bn idntiid duing post-appoval us AVODAT. Bcaus ths actions a potd voluntaily om a population unctain siz, it is not always possibl tliably stimat thi quncy stablish a causal lationship tdug xposu. Ths actions hav bn chosn inclusion du ta combination thi siousnss, quncy poting, potntial causal connction tAVODAT.

Pitinitiating tatmnt with AVODAT, considation should b givn toth uological conditions that may caus simila symptoms. In addition, BPH and postat canc may coxist.

Tak th missd dos as soon as you mmb. Skip th missd dos i it is almost tim you nxt schduld dos. Dnot tak xta mdicin tmak up th missd dos.

Th is nspciic antidot dutastid. Tho, in cass suspctd ovdosag, symptomatic and suppotiv tatmnt should b givn as appopiat, taking th long hal-li dutastid intconsidation.

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i now only take avodart as needed, approx one pill every 10 days.

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